Stuffed Ticks (2022)

scraps of fabric, stuffing

One of the great Global Warming success stories in North America is the proliferation and migration of ticks. As ticks are introduced to new parts of Canada, they will enter into regional ecological conversations because of the potential health risks they bring to humans and wildlife. 

Stuffed Ticks are a propositional tool used to condition children to recognize these unsettling parasites at an early age. They were designed to represent Deer Ticks, known carriers of Lyme Disease-causing bacteria. 

Thanks to Grace Wirzba

Floor Maps (2018)

inkjet print, iPhone image

An photo of mountains taken with an iPhone from a plane window has been printed and folded into the shape of a road map. 

First and Last Plein Air Painting #4 (2017)


frame, paint, insects

A gessoed panel was taken to a scenic hill on the south shore of Harp Lake. This site would be an ideal location for plein air painting if it didn't happen to be late May, the peak of black fly season. 

Beyond the Bush Garden (2016), with Samuel de Lange

projectors, projector cart, anthotypes, assemblage, vinyl mural

A two-person exhibition based on five days spent in clearcuts near Shining Tree, ON. The work, comprised of images, objects, and video, aims to critique tropes of landscape art with a humorous and self-aware approach to representation. 

Anthotypes I-V (2016), with Samuel de Lange


wild blueberries, bear scat, vodka

Using the anthotype process invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842, all of the materials for these images were sourced from within about a kilometre of Shining Tree, ON. The final result of this experiment fortuitously ended up resembling both cloudscapes and geographical maps. 

Investigate & Disseminate

vinyl, 32" monitor, briefcase cameras, photos

Thanks to Foris Signs Inc. 

Matchbox multiple (2013)

match, matchbox, instructions

With this self-destructive multiple, buyers are given the choice of performing the instructions, thereby destroying the ephemeral work, or keeping it intact as a memento; its existence and purpose teeters on the edge of fulfilling an action and becoming an archived object. 

10,000 Questions (2018)

35mm, archival print, 30" x 40"

Photographic allusion to the work of Dennis Oppenheim. An attempt to borrow past conceptual strategies as a way to address contemporary topics.